Ahmed Shehzad and Shahid Afridi Heated Argument in Live TV Show

Ahmed Shehzad and Shahid Afridi Heated Argument in Live TV Show

Shahid Afridi and Ahmed Shehzad joined online in a program of Pakistan’s Sama TV. In that live show, Shahid Afridi claimed that Ahmed Shehzad was dropped from the team because he liked him. Ahmed Shehzad opposed it, then there was a dispute between the Ahmed Shehzad and Shahid Khan Afridi and their argument escalated. The moderator quickly changed the subject and handled the situation.

Pakistan cricket means extra excitement. Various events outside the field. This time, Pakistani cricketers Ahmed Shehzad and Shahid Afridi have come under criticism after participating in a live program on TV. The controversy between the two of them in the live program is now at its height.

Discussions and criticisms are going on about that incident. As the two are connected online, he is able to quickly put a stop to their conflict. Earlier also, a former cricketer of Pakistan went to a live TV show and left the show after arguing with the host.

Losing his temper, Shehzad said in response, ‘I want to run, I have to give him a chance. Where to run? at home? Give the team a chance first. Then I will show if I can run.’

Shahid Afridi said in the live program, ‘Many people did not like him (Ahmed Shehzad) for me. I gave him many opportunities. But he could not use that opportunity. Many people thought that I gave him so many opportunities because he was a favorite cricketer. That’s not right, I gave Shehzad a chance to play well.’

Shehzad protested against such comments of this former cricketer. He said, I consider you like my elder brother. You can say whatever you want. But sometimes these words hurt a lot.’ In response to this, Afridi said, ‘If you don’t run, why should you be included in the team? You have to play well to get a chance?’



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