Ahmed Shehzad and Shahid Afridi Heated Argument in Live TV Show

Ahmed Shehzad and Shahid Afridi Heated Argument in Live TV Show

Shahid Afridi and Ahmed Shehzad participated online in a Sama TV programme from Pakistan. Shahid Afridi revealed on the live broadcast that Ahmed Shehzad was cut from the team because he loved him. Ahmed Shehzad rejected it, and then a quarrel arose between Ahmed Shehzad and Shahid Khan Afridi, who intensified their argument. The moderator shifted the subject and dealt with the matter swiftly.

Pakistan cricket brings greater excitement. Various extracurricular activities. This time, Ahmed Shehzad and Shahid Afridi have been criticised for their participation in a live television broadcast. The conflict between them on the live broadcast has reached its peak.

This occurrence is the subject of discussions and critiques. Due to their internet connection, he is able to immediately end their argument. Previously, a former Pakistani cricketer attended a live television broadcast and departed following an argument with the host.

Shehzad, losing his rage, responded, “I want to run, but I must give him a chance.” Where should one run? at your house? Give the squad an opportunity first. Then I shall demonstrate my ability to run.

Shahid Afridi stated during the live broadcast, “Many individuals did not like Ahmed Shehzad for me. I offered him several possibilities. But he was unable to seize the chance. Numerous individuals believed I gave him so many opportunities since he was my favourite cricketer. That’s not fair, I gave Shehzad an opportunity to do well.’

Shehzad objected to these remarks made by this former cricketer. He stated, I view you as my older brother. You may express whatever you like. However, sometimes these remarks are quite painful. Afridi said, “Why should you be in the squad if you don’t run?” You must do well to have a chance?’