Australian Cricketers to Join United Nations to Help People of Sri Lanka

Australian Cricketers to Join United Nations to Help People of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is experiencing a financial crisis. Concurrently, the Australian team is in the island nation to play the whole series. Seeing the scenario with their own eyes may have awoken the humanity of Australian players. Australian players will now assist the people of Sri Lanka with the United Nations.

Sri Lanka has been beset by economic difficulties over the previous few months. Along with load shedding and fuel shortages, the cost of basic essentials has increased. In such a circumstance, the country’s citizens have also initiated a movement.

The United Nations has announced the establishment of the Humanitarian Needs and Priorities (HNP) organisation to aid the people of Sri Lanka. From June through September, the group, which was founded by Australian players, will respond to the biological requirements of the Sri Lankan population. This might cost the corporation around 48,5 million dollars.

Australian cricketers have always supported Sri Lanka. Previously, they assisted the island of Lanka, which was devastated by the 2005 tsunami.

Steven Smith, a top cricketer for Australia, has announced that he will support economically troubled Sri Lanka. “We are prepared to bring attention to Sri Lanka’s economic issues,” he stated. We supported them during the 2005 tsunami, and that is all we can do.”

“We have been assisting one another for seventeen years,” he remarked. We Australians are happy to offer assistance. We intend to collaborate to aid Sri Lanka’s recovery from this crisis.”