Australian Cricketers to Join United Nations to Help People of Sri Lanka

Australian Cricketers to Join United Nations to Help People of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is in financial crisis. At the same time, the Australian team is in the island country to play the full series. Maybe humanity has awakened in Australian cricketers by seeing the situation with their own eyes. Australian cricketers will now join the United Nations to help the people of Sri Lanka.

Economic woes have plagued Sri Lanka for the past few months. Along with load shedding and lack of fuel, prices of daily necessities have gone up. In such a situation, the people of the country have also started a movement.

The United Nations has announced the launch of an organization called Humanitarian Needs and Priorities (HNP) to help the people of Sri Lanka. Founded by Australian cricketers, the organization will cater to the biological needs of the Sri Lankan public from June to September. The cost of the company for this can be about 48.5 million dollars.

It is not new for Australian cricketers to stand by Sri Lanka. Earlier, they also came to the aid of the island of Lanka, which was hit by the 2005 tsunami.

Australia’s senior cricketer Steven Smith has confirmed that he will stand by the side of economically distressed Sri Lanka. “We are standing by to raise awareness of Sri Lanka’s economic woes,” he said. We stood by them after the 2005 tsunami, and that’s what we can do. ”

“We have been helping each other for 17 years,” he said. We Australians are proud to extend a helping hand. We want to work together to help Sri Lanka recover from such a situation. ”



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