Babar Azam Fields With Wicket-Keeper Glove

Babar Azam Fields With Wicket-Keeper Glove, Faced Five Runs Penalty 

The Pakistan captain Babar Azam made a childish mistake in fielding, Pakistan faced a five runs penalty for using wicket-keeper glove while fielding. This is the first time in international cricket but the third time in professional cricket.

The incident took place during the second ODI between Pakistan and West Indies. The West Indies take on Pakistan in Multan on Friday (June 10). Babar Azam made the mistake in the 29th over of the West Indies innings. Not just mistakes, but rare mistakes.

Caribbean batsman Aljari Joseph took the run after the first ball of the 29th over was bowled by Mohammad Nawaz. Wicketkeeper Mohammad Rizwan threw his gloves on the ground while fielding while running behind the ball.

Chhota Mohammad Rizwan was replaced by captain Babar. Rizwan’s gloves lying on the ground after his eyes. That is what the Pakistan captain picked up and fielded. Which is against the rules of cricket law.

The incident did not go unnoticed by the umpire, for which he awarded a five-run penalty against Pakistan. According to Article 27.1 of the Rules of Cricket, no one except the wicketkeeper can wear gloves or leg guards while fielding. Babar made that mistake.

For the first time in international cricket, Pakistan was fined for fielding without fielder gloves. This is the first time this has happened in international cricket, but it is the third time this has happened in professional cricket.

Earlier, in domestic cricket in 2013, Andrew Hall and in 2016, Matt Renesh had caused a similar incident and the team faced fines. The West Indies could not win the match despite receiving a five-run penalty for Babur’s welfare. Pakistan won the series by defeating them.



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