Babar Azam Wants to Win World Cup to Fulfill His Dream

Babar Azam Wants to Win World Cup to Fulfill His Dream

The Pakistan skipper Babar Azam is enjoying himself tremendously with the bat. Babar Azam, captain of Pakistan in ODIs and T20s, desires to win the World Cup in order to make his time with the bat even more joyful and to realise a boyhood ambition.

Babar Azam is regarded as the greatest cricket player of all time. Even if he was the finest cricket player at the time, his World Cup has not been won. This is the game’s objective.

Babar stated, “Of sure, I’m liking the format.” My primary objective in this form is to win two World Cups in one and a half years. My run will only be successful then.”

Babar, who has desired to win the World Cup since he began playing cricket, stated, “After achieving my first ambition, I want to win the World Cup as the best batsman.

Babur stated that although there was less rivalry in cricket when he was a youngster, the level of competitiveness is improving over time. There is no replacement for personal development.

Since his introduction to international cricket, Babar Azam has broken record after record. The star is regarded as one of the top batters in both domestic and international cricket.

Babar has represented Pakistan in 40 Tests, 7 ODIs, and 64 T20s in international cricket. Throughout this period, he has scored 9,989 runs in 24 centuries.