BCCI Fined Entire KKR Team for Breaching IPL Code of Conduct 2023

BCCI Fined Entire KKR Team for Breaching IPL Code of Conduct 2023

In the IPL 2023’s 61st league match, Kolkata Knight Riders faced Chennai Super Kings. This encounter was won by KKR against CSK by six wickets. The victory did not yet end playoff hopes. The BCCI fined the entire KKR team following the match, putting an end to the Knights’ post-victory celebrations. Even the number 12 cricketer on the squad, i.e. the team’s impact players, was fined.

Due to this punishment, KKR team captain Nitish Rana fined 24 lakh rupee fine. This cricketer was fined twenty-four million rupees by the governing body for misconduct. The KKR team has violated the IPL code of conduct twice in IPL 2023. The KKR squad was fined for its sluggish over rate.

In IPL 2023, this is KKR’s second sluggish over rate. Captain Nitish Rana has been fined 24 lakh rupees as a result. All team members were fined 25% of the match fee, or 6 lakh rupees. Night cricket players must pay the lesser of these two fees.

Everyone was astonished by the quantity of the Knight team’s fine. However, this is the rule of the game. Against Chennai, KKR was unable to bowl the final over on time. This caused the team to struggle on the field. Due to the fact that only four fielders were outside of the 30-yard radius, the team has been fined.

In the 53rd league match of the season, Kolkata Knight Riders were found culpable of sluggish over rate against Punjab Kings. At the time, captain Nitish Rana was fined Rs 12 lakhs, but the board severely punished Kolkata Knight Riders for repeating the same offense.

As a consequence, both the captain and the crew were fined twice. IPL administrators fined Nitish Rana 24 lakh rupees and each team member at least 6 lakh rupees.

Note that if Nitish Rana is found culpable of sluggish over rate in one more league match, he will be suspended for one match. In the meantime, there is only one match remaining, and if he has a poor over rate in that match, he will only be fined because no player can be barred from a qualifier match for this infraction.



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