Entire Scotland Cricket Board Resigns over Racism Allegations

Entire Scotland Cricket Board Resigns over Racism Allegations

All members of the Scotland Cricket Board resign due to allegations of racism. They have stated that they desire a proper trial of the occurrence to be documented in the investigative report. They also wish to facilitate the implementation of all anti-racism measures. They think that this issue of racism has tainted not only the sport of cricket in Scotland, but all of Scotland’s athletic community. As a result, they deemed it prudent to withdraw.

Rafiq Azim caused a stir in England in 2021 when he stated that he had been subjected to racist conduct at a club in Yorkshire. At that time, Majid Haque, the country’s leading wicket-taker, sparked debate in the cricket of Scotland, England’s neighbour.

His allegation was likewise centred on this prejudice. After a whole year of research, the report will not be released for one more day. Prior to the publication of the study, it was known that the claims against the Scottish Cricket Board were accurate. Therefore, the cricket board members have opted to quit.

After Rafiq Azim in 2021, Majid Haque addressed claims of racism. According to him, systemic racism existed in Scotland at the time. Another national cricketer, Qasim Sheikh, concurred with his assertion.

Following accusations from two former players, the Scotland Cricket Board has initiated an inquiry. After a year-long inquiry, the report is awaiting publication. This report will be released next Monday (July 24).

Even though the investigative report has not been released, it is clear that the board’s claims have been proven. Therefore, the board members resigned swiftly. Cricket Scotland has officially accepted their resignations.

In a statement following the resignation, they stated that they will collaborate with Sport Scotland to eliminate any instances of racism. In addition, they resigned so that the board could focus on resolving all the issues identified in the investigative report.