Entire Scotland Cricket Board Resigns over Racism Allegations

Entire Scotland Cricket Board Resigns over Racism Allegations

All the Members of the Scotland Cricket Board resigns over Racism Allegations. They have mentioned as the reason that they want a proper trial of the incident published in the investigation report. They also want to make it easier to take all steps to prevent racism. They believe that this issue of racism has corrupted not only Scotland cricket, but the entire sporting world of Scotland. So they thought it was worth removing themselves.

In 2021 Rafiq Azim created heat across England when he revealed that he was subjected to racist behavior at a Yorkshire club. At that time, Majid Haque, the country’s highest wicket-taker, created discussion in the cricket of Scotland, the neighboring country of England.

His complaint also revolved around that racism. After a long year of investigation, we have to wait one more day for the report to be published. Before the report was published, it was known that the allegations against the Scottish Cricket Board were true. So the members of the country’s cricket board have decided to resign.

After Rafiq Azim in 2021, Majid Haque opened up about racism allegations. At the time, he said, there was institutionalized racism in Scotland. Another cricketer of the country, Qasim Sheikh, agreed with his allegation.

The Scotland Cricket Board has launched an investigation following complaints from two former cricketers. After a long year of investigation, the report is just waiting to be published. That report will be published on Monday (July 24).

Although the investigation report has not been published, it is known that the allegations brought against the board have been proved. So the members of the board hastily resigned. Their resignations have been confirmed by Cricket Scotland.

In a statement following the resignation, they said they would work with Sport Scotland to reduce racism to zero quotas. Also, they resigned so that the board can work to solve all the problems found in the investigation report.



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