ICC Chairman To Be Elected in December 2022

ICC Chairman To Be Elected in December 2022

The election for the chairmanship of the ICC, the highest governing body of world cricket, will be held in December 2022. The matter has been confirmed by the ICC. Regular meetings were held at the ICC headquarters in Dubai. That is where the election of the ICC chairman has been finalized. Greg Berkeley, the current chairman of the ICC, will end his term in December this year. After that the election will be held.

Earlier, it was announced that the ICC chairman election would be held in May-June this year. But this time the ICC changed that rule. The last time the ICC chairman was elected was in 2020. Kiwi Cricket Administrator Greg Berkeley was elected ICC chairman at the time. He had earlier worked as an assistant to Imran Khwaja.

“The election has been postponed,” the ICC said in a statement. Berkeley will be in charge until the end of this year. The ICC board will be in charge of it all the time.

Despite being elected ICC chairman in December 2020, Berkeley took over in July 2021. The election of the ICC chairman has been postponed because Berkeley could serve a full two years.

Meanwhile, it is being speculated that there is a possibility of an Indian sports organizer taking over the post of ICC chairman this time. Anurag Tagore, a former official of the Indian Cricket Board, has already stated that he is willing to run for the post of ICC chairman.