ICC T20 T20 World Cup 2022 Prize Money

England won 1.6 Million USD as T20 World Cup 2022 Prize Money

The England cricket team has received more than 16 crore rupees in Pakistani rupees as a prize money for winning the T20 World Cup 2022. England won the title for the second time in the short version after defeating Pakistan by 5 wickets.

As the champion team, the England team led by Jos Buttler received a prize money of 1.6 million US dollars or 16 Crore PKR. And as the runner-up team, Pakistan received 0.8 million US dollars or 8 crore Pakistani Rupees.

The other two semi-finalists of the tournament New Zealand and Indian team received 0.4 million USD or Bangladeshi Taka 4 crore 5 lakh 56 thousand.

In addition, the teams received 40 thousand dollars for winning each match in the Super Twelve. The departing team from the Super Twelve received 70 thousand dollars or 70 lakh Bangladeshi taka.

Bangladesh cricket team has played the best in T20 World Cup this time too. Where the Bangladesh cricket team played directly in the Super Twelve and won two matches. As a result, Tigers have more prize money this time than any other World Cup.

Bangladesh has received at least 70 lakh rupees from playing in Super Twelve in from England’s title winning World Cup in Australia. Which is the highest financial prize of Bangladesh in T20 World Cup.

Before the start of the T20 World Cup, the International Cricket Council (ICC), the highest governing body of cricket, announced a prize money of 5.6 million USD for the entire tournament.