IPL 2022 Viewership Dropped by 33 Percent

IPL 2022 Viewership Dropped by 33 Percent

BARC India claims that the number of Viewership has dropped by 33 per cent in the first week of the 15th edition of the IPL 2022.  In the first eight matches of this year’s IPL, the rating point is 2.85. At the same time in the 14th edition of the IPL this rating point was 3.75. This rating point shows that the number of IPL viewers has started decreasing.

Every year a record number of television viewers watch the Indian Premier League (IPL). This time the opposite statement was heard. According to an Indian research institute, the number of spectators in the 15th edition of IPL has dropped significantly. The research report comes at a time when The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is trying to sell the broadcasting rights of the tournament.

Following the release of this report by BARC India, the advertisers have also expressed concern over this. According to them, this is the lowest number of spectators in the history of IPL. He further said that there is no possibility of increasing the number of viewers if they see the speed nature of IPL television viewers.

Meanwhile, Apple’s broadcasting deal with Disney-Hotstar is coming to an end this year. The BCCI will sell new broadcasting rights for the next five seasons. This research report was published at that time.

For the next five years, the BCCI had planned to earn 7.81 billion by selling the broadcasting rights of the IPL. It was even rumored that billionaires like Jeff Bezos and Mukesh Ambani would fight for the broadcasting rights. However, after this report of BARC, there may be fears about whether they will come or not.

The number of teams has increased since the 15th edition of IPL. In the previous asses, eight teams were seen fighting, but this time 10 teams are seen fighting. However, this franchise league is one of the best in the world.