IPL Broadcasting Rights Sold for Rs 43050 Crore 2023-2027

IPL Broadcasting Rights Sold for Rs 43050 Crore 2023-2027

BCCI is selling five years’ worth of television rights. BCCI is offering three sets of IPL broadcasting rights. IPL Broadcasting Rights for Packages A, B, C, and D in these four categories were sold for Rs 43050 Crore for the five-year period 2023-2027.

The auction started on Sunday. Participating in the sale were Viacom-Reliance, Fun Asia, Super Sport, G, Sony, and Times Internet. However, specifics have not yet been obtained. Sony, according to Indian media, is the current auction winner.

Package ‘A’ comprises Indian subcontinent broadcast rights, package ‘B’ contains digital rights, package ‘C’ contains crucial match additions, and package ‘D’ covers rights outside the subcontinent. Package ‘C’ covers weekend Saturday and Sunday matches, as well as playoff and championship matches.

The most recent information available as of today’s noon is that the TV rights for package ‘A’ have been sold for Rs 23,585 crore. The package ‘B’ broadcasting rights have been auctioned for Rs 19,060 crore. However, it has not yet been determined who won the prize. Sony has won the ‘A’ package. Star received package B. However, winning package ‘A’ presents Star with a challenge to win package ‘B’.

It is currently unknown what he will do after quitting his current position. In terms of TV rights, the IPL outpaced the English Premier League.