Kyle Jamieson Dropped Out of Trent Bridge Test 2022 Due to Injury

Kyle Jamieson Dropped Out of Trent Bridge Test 2022 Due to Injury

Due to corona attack, the normal captain of the squad, Kane Williamson, will not be participating in this match. This time, the New Zealanders received devastating news during the middle of the match. Due to an injury, Kyle Jamieson has been ruled out of the current Trent Bridge Test 2022. Due to injury, the tall pacer will not play for the remainder of the season.

At Trent Bridge in Nottingham, the second Test of the series between England and New Zealand is under underway. Prior to the commencement of the contest, the New Zealand squad received dreadful news. Sunday, on the third day of the play, Jamieson told the team management that he sustained an injury during his sixteenth over.

The pacemaker reported experiencing lower back ache. Consequently, he left the field with three balls remaining in the over. This pacemaker was subjected to surveillance. It was announced at the conclusion of that observation that Jamieson would no longer be allowed to participate in the continuing Tests.

Concurrently, an MRI scan of Jamieson has been performed. This scan’s findings have not yet been discovered. After obtaining this information, the condition the 26-year-old cricketer is experiencing may be validated.

Jamieson bowled 16.3 overs in total during the Trent Bridge Test. However, this right-handed runner was unable to gain much edge. He has completed 6 innings, including 3 scoreless. GDP growth rate 4. Which does not precisely pass the test.

On Monday, the fourth day of the match, England was dismissed for 539 runs after 128.2 overs. At the conclusion of the first innings, the visiting New Zealand had a 14-run advantage. With that, the squad began their at-bat. Previously, the Black Caps were dismissed for 553 runs in their first inning.