Mothers Day 2023: Virat Kohli Wishes His Mother and Wife

Mothers Day 2023: Virat Kohli Wishes His Mother and Wife

Sunday, May 14 2023, is Mother’s Day around the world. On Mother’s Day, former India captain Virat Kohli wished his mother, mother-in-law, and the mother of his child, Anushka Sharma.

IPL has created a hectic period for Kohli. On Sunday (May 14), Kohli published a post on the social media platform Instagram. On that post were Kohli’s mother, Anushka Sharma’s mother, and Anushka Sharma herself. Kohli wrote ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ in the caption of his photo. The celebrity also included three heart emoticons in the caption.

The photograph of Kohli’s wife, Anushka and daughter Bhamika appeared in his post. Then, he uploaded a photograph of his mother and mother-in-law. There, Virat’s mother and Anushka’s mother can be seen sharing a joyful moment. The third image is a composite. This photograph depicts Virat with his mother. The opposite side of the collage depicts Anushka hugging her mother.

Royal Challengers Bangalore, Kohli’s team, has not yet attained a comfortable position in this year’s IPL. They are seventh in the standings with 10 points after 11 contests. They must finish in the top four to qualify for the playoffs. Kohli, like the team, is not in poor form. So far, he has scored 420 runs with the bat. He has been criticized, however, for his sluggish innings.



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