ODI Cricket Should Reduce to 40 Overs Says Shastri and Afridi

ODI Cricket Should Reduce to 40 Overs Says Shastri and Afridi

The future of ODI cricket has been debated for quite some time now. The sudden retirement of English all-rounder Ben Stokes from ODIs has given rise to fears about the future of ODIs. Many cricketers are giving different opinions about ODI. Some are saying to get rid of ODI cricket, while others are saying that it will end slowly already.

Former Indian cricketer and coach Ravi Shastri backs Shahid Afridi suggestion to reduce overs in ODI cricket to 40 overs. Instead of 50 overs, it should be reduced by 10 overs to 40 overs.  India won the first World Cup in the ODI format in 1983. At that time, the ODI format was 60 overs. Later, 10 overs were reduced to 50 overs!

Referring to that time, Shastri said, then the officials thought that reducing the ODI format to 10 overs would make it more popular and later it happened. Shastri thinks that if the 10 overs are reduced once again after such a long time, then there will be no harm.

“There is no harm in reducing the length of the match,” he said. Officials thought (after the 1983 World Cup) that 60 overs was a bit long. It turned out that the time from 20 to 40 overs is a bit boring. Because of this they brought it down from 60 to 50 overs. Many years have passed since then. Now why can’t it be brought down from 50 to 40 overs!”

On the other hand, Afridi says that there is no thrill in ODI cricket now. People are losing interest from it due to boredom. As a result, if 40-over ODIs can be played, it will be more interesting than before.

Afridi said, “One-day cricket has become very boring now. I would say to reduce ODI cricket from 50 overs to 40 overs. It will make it more interesting and entertaining.”

Several cricketers are expressing their displeasure with the current busy schedule of international cricket. Many people now play the series. Still others withdraw from one or more formats at an early age to prolong their careers.

After the advent of T20 cricket, many expressed concern about the future of Test cricket. This time the discussion about ODI cricket has also started all over the world.



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