Pakistan Win in T20 WC 2022 is Dependent on Babar Azam Says Ricky Ponting

Pakistan Win in T20 WC 2022 is Dependent on Babar Azam Says Ricky PontingĀ 

Babar Azam is one of the talented captains responsible for Pakistan’s cricket success. In recent years, Babar’s bat in all three forms has expanded slightly. Former Australian captain Ricky Ponting believes that Pakistan’s chances of winning the forthcoming Twenty20 World Cup 2022 depend on Babar Azam. If he does not perform well, Pakistan would not be able to win the tournament.

Teams are already occupied with preparations for the T20 World Cup. In October of this year, Australia, a country across the Tasman Sea, will host the ninth T20 World Cup. In cricket circles, discussions about who will win the championship and how far each side may advance have begun. In recent years, Pakistan has been a highly successful T20 cricket squad.

Australia’s two-time ODI World Cup-winning skipper recently discussed the potential of several nations in the forthcoming T20 World Cup. There, he made this statement.

“I don’t think Pakistan can win the T20 World Cup if Babar (Azam) doesn’t have a fantastic campaign,” he stated.

Ponting seems thrilled by Babar Azam’s praise. For Babur, the sky seemed to be the limit.

“I observed him extensively during a Test series in Australia few years back. I stated at the time that this boy’s potential is limitless (Babar Azam). He has likely progressed much over the past few years,” Ponting remarked.

Ponting feels that Pakistan’s openers and new bowlers would be crucial to their success in the Twenty20 World Cup. In addition, he believes that the forthcoming T20 World Cup in 2022 would be extremely challenging for Pakistani spinners.

Ponting stated, “Their (Pakistan’s) openers and new ball bowlers must play a crucial role. However, it would be challenging for spinners to perform effectively on the Australian pitch. Because the wickets will not aid (Australian) spinners significantly.”

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Pakistan has reached the finals of two of the seven previous T20 World Cup tournaments. In the 2007 World Cup versus India, they fell short of the championship.

In 2009, Pakistan won the following T20 World Cup by beating Sri Lanka. They reached the semifinals of the seventh T20 World Cup held in the United Arab Emirates in 2021. Pakistan was one of the tournament’s favourites until Matthew Wade upset them with an outstanding inning. But their adventure ended before its conclusion!