PCB Propose England as a New Venue for Cricket Asia Cup 2023

PCB Propose England as a New Venue for Cricket Asia Cup 2023

Due to the political unrest between India and Pakistan, the location of the Asia Cup has been in dispute for a considerable amount of time. In no manner is the Indian government inclined to send a team to Pakistan. In continuance, PCB chief Najam Sethi has proposed England as a second alternative venue for the Cricket Asia Cup 2023.

Concerns about Pakistan’s participation in the World Cup are increasing. Both nations provide fresh solutions to the problem.┬áPakistan is also unwilling to relinquish its claim to host the Asia Cup. Consequently, the situation is becoming more convoluted.

The complications caused by the India-Pakistan rivalry during the Asia Cup will not disappear. According to the schedule, only three months remain until the start of the event, but uncertainty about the venue grows daily.

India is determined not to play on Pakistan’s soil, so Pakistan is menacing India as a countermeasure. If India does not participate in the Asia Cup, Pakistan will not travel to their home country for the ODI World Cup in October and November.

With concerns about the Asia Cup, the World Cup schedule announcement is also delayed in such a scenario. Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chief Najam Sethi proposed an alternative solution in this circumstance. He suggested a ‘hybrid’ strategy for the Asia Cup.

A system in which teams other than India play in Pakistan while India plays in another nation. His hybrid model did not receive water, however. Bangladesh and Sri Lanka are opposed to this PCB model. The situation is such that the Asia Cup this year may become fraudulent.

However, Najam Sethi is optimistic. He made a fresh proposal regarding the Asia Cup. According to this proposal, the Asia Cup can be played in Europe this year. When he mentioned Europe, Najam Shetty was referring to England. In an interview with Sports Hour, the PCB chief stated, “England could host the Asia Cup.”



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