Stuart Broad is Still Against Mankading Despite MCC New Rule

Stuart Broad is Still Against Mankading Despite MCC New RuleĀ 

Melbourne Cricket Club (MCC) has given legitimacy to Mankading Out. Even though Mankading has been included in the unfair play for so long, it will get the status of run out from now on. Despite this decision of MCC, English fast bowler Stuart Broad is still against Mankading.

On Tuesday (March 6), the MCC decided to consider a Mankading as a runout. Despite the MCC’s decision, it is now awaiting the approval of the International Cricket Council, the world’s governing body for cricket.

During the match against Australia in 1947, Indian cricketer Vinu Mankar started the Mancad out by dismissing Aussie batsman Bill Brown who was on the non-strike edge. Since then there have been various criticisms about this out. Some cricket fans have also ruled that the outing is against the spirit of cricket. However, the MCC did not listen to these criticisms and finally gave the status of run out to Mankad.

Despite the MCC’s decision, Stuart Broad has decided never to be manned out. In a tweet, he said: “I think this is unfair and should be treated as unfair. My opinion is that batsmen need to have skills to get out. The bowlers do not need any skill to standardize.

Broad, who has taken 537 wickets in Tests for England, said he had no intention of manipulating himself. And he doesn’t even want to get Mancad out.

Due to the Mancad Act, batsmen on the non-strike end will no longer be able to get out of the crease before bowling. As a result, the batsman has to wait until the bowler throws the ball to move forward on the non-striking end.