Three More Countries Got ICC Membership Status

Three More Countries Got ICC Membership Status 

The scope of cricket is increasing day by day. As a part of this, three more countries got ICC membership status. New members include Cambodia, Uzbekistan and Cote D’Ivoire from Africa. These three new countries are admitted as members at the ICC’s Annual General Meeting (AGM).

The ICC confirmed the induction of new members in a statement at the end of the ICC AGM on Tuesday (July 26).  Asia’s 24th and 25th members are Cambodia and Uzbekistan. Cote D’Ivoire from Africa is the 21st African country to become a member. With this, the number of ICC member countries stands at 108. Among them, 96 are associate members and 12 are full members.

In the last AGM of ICC in 2021, two Asian countries Mongolia and Tajikistan got membership. Switzerland also got membership. With ICC membership, countries can now play international T20 cricket. But now they will not get ODI status. To get it, you have to fulfill the conditions set by ICC.

The Cote d’Ivoire Cricket Federation has a robust grassroots programme and a national league for senior men with eight teams. Notably, they have also taken many measures to promote the growth of women’s cricket, including appointing a female Board member to advance this agenda.

The Cricket Association of Cambodia (CAC), which was badly damaged by Covid-19, was granted membership contingent on the board confirming by the end of the year that a sufficient women’s route is in place.

At addition, a T20 event with eight teams is planned for November 2022, and indoor cricket activities are anticipated to be reinstated in eight schools. In addition, Cambodia has a good youth cricket programme with local coaches and fourteen registered teams frequently competing in men’s senior domestic cricket.

However, the ICC will continue to support the Ukraine Cricket Federation during this process. The suspension of Cricket Russia at the 2021 AGM has been converted into a termination after the team failed to remedy the concerns and demonstrate compliance following suspension.



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